TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil® Gap Filler
  • Requires no heat curing
  • Will not cause corrosion on any metal surface
  • Excellent vibration absorption capabilities
  • Fill large gaps while providing superior thermal transfer
  • Form-In-Place
  • Maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range
  • Makes complete contact with the component and opposing surfaces
  • Available in a tube(30cc), a caulk tube(330cc), or a can(10000cc)
Tek-Sil® TypeApplication GuidelinesTypical Thermal Conductivity
Tek-Sil® TSPG-15AHigh Viscosity3.6 X 10-31.50
Tek-Sil® TSPG-20ALow Viscosity3.6 X 10-32.0
Tek-Sil® TSPG-30AHigh Viscosity7.7 X 10-33.20
Tek-Sil® TSPG-50ALow Viscosity12 X 10-35.0