TekNational, Inc.
From partnering with IBM in the late 1950’s creating molded transistor mounts for the IBM 7090. Then helping NASA produce non out gassing molded printed circuit board (PCB) Card Guides in the 1970’s. We helped the Defense Logistics Agency write the original M38527 transistor mounting pad MIL-SPEC to the 1990, M49466 Series revision. Through today with our products currently in use from submarines to satellites, TekNational has remained at the forefront of the Electronic Hardware Component and Thermal Insulation field for over 41 years.

Teknational is a recognized world leader in the Thermal Insulation and Thermal Materials field. Our Gap Pad and Gap Filler materials keep Intel Core 2 chips cool, while our thermally conductive silicone SR®, SB® and SCH® series of materials help the emerging LED Lighting marketplace and many other innovative electronics industries.

Providing Electronic Component and Hardware Packaging needs, TekNational has been at the forefront since the dawn of the industry. Our original line of transistor mounting pads is still available, along with Printed Circuit Board Card Guides, Ejectors, LED Mounts, LED Spacers, PPS Shoulder washers, Nylon Circuit Board Supports and TO-220 molded insulators, to stamped metal and aluminum Heatsinks.

Worldwide TekNational is known within the Electronics Hardware field for our reliability and quality control approach to our work. We are constantly partnering with many different fabrication, assembly and Electronics industry leaders to support their thermally conductive insulation and board packaging problems. We look forward to working with you to solve yours.

As of April 16, 2012, Teknational Industries was purchased by Global Supply LLC and all manufacturing is now in California. We have continued with the manufacturing of the full product line.

Teknational Division of Global Supply LLC