TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil® GPHN
Gap Pads, Extra Soft Gap Fillers
Gel Pads "GPHN" combines all of the options offered in our Tek-Sil® GP, Tek-Sil® GPH and Tek-Sil® GPN.  It has been extruded using nylon mesh to stiffen the material so that it is more puncture proof.  Distortion from compression is also minimized.  With one hardened surface, the pads are easy to handle.  Thermal conductivity which is measured at 1.5 W/m-k is the same as Gel Pad "GP".

As with all other Tek-Sil® materials, Teknational will die cut special shapes to customer specifications.

To order sheets of "GPHN", specify the thickness

(Part number GPHN-118 for a sheet .118" (3.0mm) thick).

GP SeriesUnitGPHN-20GPHN-40GPHN-60GPHN-79GPHN-98GPHN-118GPHN-138GPHN-157GPHN-197
Thicknessmm0.5 +/-0.11.0 +/-0.21.5 +/-0.22.0 +/-0.32.5 +/-0.33.0 +/-0.33.5 +/-0.34.0 +/-0.45.0 +/-0.5
Widthmm200 standard, larger width by request
Lengthmm300 standard, larger width by request
Thermal Resistance°Cin²/W0.631.171.592.072.612.893.353.564.22
Thermal Conductivitywatt/m-k1.5
Volume ResistivityMohm·m1.0x106
Withstand VoltagekV/mm·AC9
Specific Gravitygr/cm³2.6
HardnessShore OO49
50% sustain after 1 min2732351811169589737357
Continuous Use°C-60° to +200°
Flame RetardanceUL 94VV-1