TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil®  SK-04

Tek-Sil®  SK-04 is a composite of high performance thermally conductive materials.  Polyamide film is coated on one side with thermally conductive silicone rubber to provide high conformability with the upper surface.  The opposite side is coated with thermally conductive acrylic adhesive which speeds assembly and improves performance by filling voids between mating surfaces.


SK-04 is highly puncture resistant.  Its excellent dielectric (6.0KV) and thermal resistance (20°C/w) make SK-04 a cost effective replacement for beryllium oxide insulators.

K-275® SK-04
Material Compostion
Kapton® MT - thickness.001(.025mm).001(.025mm)
Silicone (one side) - thicknessNA.002(.058mm)
Acrylic PSA - thickness.002(.058mm).015(3.81mm)
Thermal Conductivity
Dielectric Strength
Adhesion to Steel (oz/inch)
before Thermoset308
After thermoset6025
Temperature Range
°F-20 to +300-20 to +300
°C-20 to +149-29 to +149
Maximum Roll Width16"(406.4mm)16"(406.4mm)