TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil®  Phase Change Thermal Pads
  • Replaces thermal greases
  • Highly conformable, easy to install by removing liner paper; naturally tacky, no adhesives needed
  • Not messy; dry, no flow out at room temperature
  • Excellent for microscopic surface voids
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • No preheating of heat sink needed
  • Configurations; sheets, rolls, die-cuts

Tek-Sil®  Phase Change Thermal Interface Pads are designed for use with high performance microprocessors requiring minimal thermal resistance for maximum heat sink performance and processor reliability by filling in the microscopic irregularities of the mating surfaces.


The metamorphic material replaces thermal grease with a stress free interface.  A flexible solid consistency at room temperature and during installation without reinforcing elements which reduce performance.  Over 50°C it shifts to a liquid state with equal or greater thermal transfer characteristics than high performance thermal greases which are messy and more costly.

Test PropertiesMeasureSF-NdSF-Ac
Thermal conductivitywatt/m-K*0.0150.039
Thermal resistance°Cin²/W22
Volume ResistivityM?-m1.6 x 1041.6 x 104
ColorVisualLight grayLight gray
Phase change temp°C~50~50
*CPU test @ .6 Mpa (85psi)
Heat Aging @ 85°C
0 hrs0.0210.045
96 hrs0.020.044
384 hrs0.020.044
1008 hrs0.020.044
Temperature Cycling
(+70°C to -5°C, 1 hr cycle)
0 hrs0.0210.045
96 hrs0.020.044
384 hrs0.020.044
1008 hrs0.020.044
Moisture Aging
(+55°C @ 85% RH)
0 hrs0.210.45
96 hrs0.180.44
384 hrs0.180.44
1008 hrs0.180.44