TekNational, Inc.
11-2201 Power Pad
For Low Profile Mounting of T0-220's
  • A FASTENER - Secures devices without extra hardware.
  • AN INSULATOR - Run circuity beneath devices.
  • A SPACER - Uniformly positions parts on PCB.

Material: Nylon 6/6

Color: Black


Quality of PCB's is improved with the 11-2201.  It prevents lead breakage from accidental bumping and flexing of components.  Feet on the 11-2201 permit complete washing under the assembly after wave solder.  Devices are protected from heat during the solder process.

The 11-2201 frees up valuable PCB real estate beneath T0-220's for circuitry by electrically insulating the assembly.

The 11-2201 cuts cost by eliminating hardware and improving assembly time.