TekNational, Inc.
PCB Snap Mount Spacers and Support Posts
Self Retaining Board Spacers

5500 Series

  • Maintain PCB spacing, insulate screws.
  • Multilevel stacking.
  • Spacers are self aligning and self retaining.
  • Stack and space 1/16" PCB's.

5600 Series

  • Snap mount design for 1/16" PCB's.
  • Ideal for mounting PCB above wood.
  • Secure fit in PCB before setting with screw.
  • Insulate screws.
Molded in natural 94-V2 nylon, Series 5500 and 5600 PCB spacers are available for use with #4(M-3) and #6(M-3.5) screws.  Five standard lengths range from 1/4" to 1".  Spacers for #8(M-4) screws and for some intermediate lengths may be special ordered.  94-V0 nylon is available.  Call for details.
The part number for these spacers consists of the "PN" for the thread size and style shown in the table followed by "XXX" for the length.  The available lengths for "XXX" are shown in column "A". 
Part # Fig 1Part # Fig 2Screw Size"B""C"Mounting Hole Dia. +.003(.08)Lengthxxx Dim. "A"