TekNational, Inc.
5301 Series Right Angle LED Mount
For T 1 and T 1 3/4

Assembly ease for accurate alignment of LED's in the 90 degree position is an important consideration in PCB design and layout.  The 5301 solves several design and assembly problems for flangeless LED's.

  • Uniform accurate spacing.
  • Precise 90 degree alignment.
  • Low cost.
  • Ease of PCB assembly.
  • Compact size uses minimal board space.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Available in a black case to improve contrast.
  • Polarity identification.
  • Vibration and shock resistance for improved PCB reliability.
  • Prevents lead breakage.
  • Molded nylon 6/6, 94V-2 black.


5301P with Locating Pins
For more accurate positioning, the 5301 Mount may be ordered with optional locating pins (PN 5301P) which are pressed into holes in the PCB.  The pins are .55"(1.40mm) diameter and .073"(2.36mm) long. A suggested hole drill pattern for the 5301P is shown below.