TekNational, Inc.
Snap-In Guides

For 1/16" or 3/32" Plates or Bars

Available Special Order 1/8" or 11/64" (minimums apply)


Snap-In Card Guides are one-piece molded nylon units designed to be mounted on prepunched 1/16" or 3/32" metal plates, or mounting bars. They provide a low-cost positive card mounting system which is extremely rugged and functional. Our guides are available in nine different lengths, from 2.50" to 12.00" long, with retention tabs provided to ensure positive mounting. Guide tracks are .075" wide x .125 or .075" deep.

The Snap-In model selected depends primarily on the length of your circuit card, with a minimum recommended guide support of 80% of the card length to ensure smooth insertion and extraction.

Guide Tab Mounting Hole Requirements (#3)

Part No.Y (inches) (#2)X (inches) (#2)X1 (inches) (#2)A dim.Slot DepthB dim. Guide ThicknessGuide Mounting Hole Size (#1)
9500- dia.177 X .235 slot
9500- dia.177 X .235 slot
9500- dia.177 X .235 slot
9500-41094.50.1250.175.188 X .235 slot.188 X .235 slot.188 X .235 slot
9500-512115.50.1250.175.188 X .235 slot.188 X .235 slot.188 X .235 slot
9500-6873.50.1250.175.188 X .235 slot.188 X .235 slot.188 X .235 slot
9501- dia.177 x .225 slot
9501-3430.0750.125.180 dia.177 x .225 slot
9501-44.530.0750.125.180 dia.177 x .225 slot
#1 Use Mounting Bars with proper Guide Mounting Hole as described in chart above.
#2 Snap Guide tolerance:+/-.004"/"; min. +/-.010.
#3 For metric equivalents multiply by 25.4.
Dimensions in Millimeters are indicated by (.00)